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Apprenda SDK API Files Missing?

When a co-worker tries to view my project he gets an error for a missing reference. Error message states: "Could not load file or assembly 'Apprenda.Logging.NLog' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

On my machine this reference is associated file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Apprenda\SDK\API Files\Apprenda.Logging.NLog.dll", which appears to be missing on my co-worker's machine. Other missing Apprenda SDK API files on my co-workers machine include: Apprenda.API.Common.dll, Apprenda.Configuration.dll, Apprenda.Logging.dll, Apprenda.Logging.NLog.dll, NLog.ComInterop.dll, NLog.dll, NLogC.dll, SaaSGrid.Citadel.Ext.dll, SaaSGrid.Contracts.dll, SaaSGrid.ProviderPortal.Ext.dll, SaaSGrid.SMART.UserInterfaceManager.Ext.dll, SaaSGrid.StoreFront.Ext.dll, and SaaSGrid.TenantPortal.Ext.dll.

Where can my co-worker go to obtain the missing Apprenda SDK API files?

Dan Powell

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It sounds like your co-worker does not have the Apprenda SDK installed. Make sure they install the same version of the SDK that you are using. The SDK installers for supported versions can be found here:

Another way to solve this is to create a lib directory in your project and copy the Apprenda SDK files there and check them in as part of your source and fix the references. This way they will always be there no matter who you give the code to and will also prevent you from having to install the Apprenda SDK on the build server.

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