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Error while promoting to sandbox

I have an issue promoting my application to Sandbox in Apprenda Express. Here is the error:

Data Model Deployment Results

| An error occurred while creating your application partition. If subsequent attempts to create your partition fail, please contact an administrator for help.

Are there any log files created so that I can further debug what is causing this issue. I am using the latest Apprenda Express (4.5.1 I believe).


Thanks for your help!

Magnus Andersson

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Hi Magnus,

Apprenda automatically captures and stores events raised by guest applications as well as core components. You can find said events in the 'Event Logs' section of the SOC.

You can take a look at the 'Managing the System Events Log' section of our documentation for more information:

Please let me know if you need any help,


Best Regards,


Bernie Herdan 0 votes


As Bernie stated, the platform captures events like this across all apps and platform services.  However, it doesn't send all messages back to the developer UI when you try to promote unless there's something specific you can do to remedy the issue as the developer.  In this case, it seems that the error was on the infrastructure side of things - which in a real world scenario would be an administrator's responsibility to fix. Put on your "administrator" hat and go to the Operations Center (http://apps.[your apprenda url]/soc) and visit the Event logs like Bernie said and you'll see more detailed information about what went wrong.


Matt 0 votes