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Advantages with Windows Server 2012

What are all the features added from Apprenda end (4.0 release) when an organization going for Windows Server 2012. How different windows server 2012 when compared to windows server 2008 R2 for Apprenda customers?

Parachuri, Narendra

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Hi Narendra - 

Our upcoming 4.0 release will include support for Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 and the .NET framework 4.5. There are *tons* of cool features in Server 2012 on the infrastructure side (better scale, better manageability, lots of hyper-V enhancements around networking and storage etc.).

For the most part, these features are transparent to Apprenda hosted applications since the apps are abstracted from the infrastructure but they make running the infrastructure easier and less costly. Stay tuned for a full list of new features coming in Apprenda 4.0. It's a fairly extensive list both in terms of developer services and IT Ops improvements. I will say that that our goals for the release are 3 fold:

1) Make it easier to build next generation cloud apps and also expand the coverage of existing apps.

2) Make it easier to run our platform - i.e. better integration with existing systems, improved deployment and maintenance features

3) Allow customer to leverage hybrid cloud capabilities - i.e. multiple geographically dispersed Apprenda cloud installations which can be accessed and managed from a single pane of glass.

More details *very* soon!


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