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Different Authentication Modes on Apprenda

Originally from ticket #3989.

Hi ,

As per my evaluation I have Authentication modes on apprenda user are

Through IIS

Through Assigningn roles to Users

Through Identity Federation

Through Apprenda API.

Kindly validate my understanding and let me know if I am missing anything.


Shashirelha UH


Shashirekha UH

Bernie Herdan Answered

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Can you explain your use case a little bit more? If you are attempting to contact services running on the platform you can authenticate via REST or using the Remote API.


Erik L

Erik Lustgarten 0 votes

Hi Erik,

Here Authentication refers to the different Authentication modes available for the External Application hosted on Apprenda..

For exampel like, .Net supports  Passprot, windows Authentication and Form Authentication ..  Any Built in support for Authenticating the End Users .

The same way do Apprenda Supports any kind of Authentication?  Is can be

1) Handled from the coding end 

2) It can be set after Deploying Application

3) Any Built in Authentication handled by Apprenda.



Shashirekha UH



Rekhabn 0 votes

Hi Shashirekha,

If your application intends to utilize on-platform authentication, it will have to defer authentication to the Apprenda platform.  This is not native .NET authentication mechanisms like forms auth or Windows auth.  When an application is deployed on Apprenda, and you desire that users must authenticate to reach the application, the users will login to their Apprenda platform account in order to access the application URL... you are letting the platform handle authentication for you so that you don't have to build authentication or a user system into you application code.  In this case you do not have to perform authentication because the user(s) will already be authenticated when they reach your application.

To see more of how this works, visit:

If you are intending to build an external application (not deployed on Apprenda, but instead contacted services that are deployed on Apprenda), you can use the Remote API, which is a library provided by Apprenda that facilitates authentication with the Apprenda platform in order to reach an Apprenda-hosted service.  You will use this ONLY if you are building a .NET application (Windows app, console app, etc.)

For more information:

Lastly, if you are building an external website or mobile app, you will use the platform's REST authentication capabilities.  You can use this from any client that is capable of making REST-based requests to the platform instance. 

To learn more about REST authentication, see:




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