Option to set Authentication Cookie to Subdomain URL


Many organizations host multiple installations of the Apprenda Platform (for instance, separate development, test, and production environments).

In some cases it is preferably that all environments use the same root url (such as "mycompany.net") and install with different subdomains (such as "dev-alpha" or "test"), resulting in Platform URLs like the following:

  • dev-alpha.yourcompany.net
  • dev-beta.yourcompany.net
  • test.yourcompany.net 
  • prod.yourcompany.net

By default, when the Platform is installed it is configured to set authentication cookies for the root URL (yourcompany.net) only. In situations where multiple Apprenda installs use the same root URL, this results in general clunkiness when moving from one environment to another.

In such cases, in order to move among environments with ease, it is recommended that you configure the environments to set authentication cookies for the subdomain URL (the "dev-alpha", "dev-beta" "test", and "prod" elements in the examples above). Here are the steps to do this:

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