Adding a Database Tier to Your Apprenda Application


Including a Platform-hosted database tier in your Apprenda application requires the following steps:

  1. Your database must be supported on MS SQL Server or, if your Platform infrastructure supports it, Oracle DB.
  2. You must create an application provisioning script that outlines the tables, views, stored procedures, and other structural artifacts required by your application. You may optionally also include a tenant provisioning script.
  3. In order for Apprenda to recognize your application provisioning script, it must be included in a folder named "persistence" at the root of your Apprenda Archive.
  4. Only one application provisioning script and tenant provisioning script can be included in your Apprenda Archive. 
  5. The application provisioning script must be included in Version 1 of the application. While it is possible to modify an existing database in later versions using patching scripts, you cannot add a database tier to an application when patching it.

Additional Tips and Resources:

  • When uploading an archive that contains an application provisioning script, Apprenda will attempt to detect any application and tenant provisioning script based on the file type and file name as explained here. Should you wish, you may use any file type or name so long as the DBMS and application/tenant scriptPath are indicated in a Deployment Manifest included with the Apprenda Archive.
  • See our product documentation for information and limitations that you should consider when developing MS SQL Server database or Oracle schema components in your Apprenda application; you will also find information on setting up database connections in your .NET and Java Apprenda applications.
  • Please see here for an overview of How the Apprenda Platform Deploys Your Application. The database tier subsection includes information deployment mechanics, how databases are provisioned for different types of applications, and how users are created in MS SQL Server and Oracle DB.
  • When patching an Apprenda application, changes to the database must be packaged as patching scripts (and referenced in a Deployment Manifest) as described here. A fuller description of database patching mechanics can be found here.
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