Configure the Legacy Developer Portal to show my Logs?


A developer reported that they have followed all the steps to properly configure their application to log but none are showing in the Legacy Developer portal. 

By default the legacy portal shows messages at Error or Fatal level. If you are logging at a lower level, follow these steps to change the filtering logic and create an override for your application. 

Go to the developer portal and select the application you want to turn logging on for. See images with numbered steps also

  1. Click the Event Logs link
  2. Click View or change overrides
  3. Select the application you would like to set overrides for
  4. Select the level of override (and other additional restrictions if you wish)
  5. Create Override – At this point, you have created an override allowing the platform in general to have visibility into these logs. There are a few more steps for you to view them in the application log page of the older developer portal (there are visible in the new dev portal immediately at this point)
  6. Click Event Logs link in the breadcrumbs
  7. Click Advanced Search options
  8. Select the log level you want
  9. Select the Application you are working on
  10. Click Search
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