Patch your Apprenda Deployed Database?


A developer asked the following questions to the Apprenda Support staff:


We spoke a few weeks back about using SQL server with Apprenda, and got an instance working.

You mentioned that any db changes should be done through scripts, so that those scripts can be run on local & production alike, keeping everything in synch. Makes good sense.

I’m wondering what are best practices for running those scripts on the Apprenda server? Should I:

· Include them in the Scripts/ApplicationProvisioning_Script.sql file (or is that only for initial db creation?)

· Run the modification from within the C# code of the app itself

· Connect straight to the Apprenda-hosted db (via Visual Studio’s Server Explorer or some such) and run the scripts directly?



 Below is the answer:

The scripts can be passed to Apprenda using either the patch builder utility or via an archive and specified through the deployment manifest. I am attaching a couple of pages that explain the process but of course let me know if you want me to walk you through it.

To answer your questions:
1. App provisioning script is only for db creation
2. The user that runs the app does not have permissions to do this, so you won't be able to.
3. Same as #2.


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