Enable Websockets Support for your .NET guest applications?


In order to support websockets in your Apprenda environment, you need to configure the Apprenda Load Manager servers and the web servers to support the functionality.

The following steps outline how to support web sockets:

  1. Install ARR 3.0 on all the Load Manager Nodes
  2. Install the WebSocket Protocol feature on all Web Nodes (or certain webnodes and limit them through a deployment policy). This can be achieved through Server Manager -> Web Server (IIS) Role -> Web Server -> Application Development -> WebSocket Protocol

Note: If you are using a Shared IIS Config, the second step will fail. You will need to take the following steps to install the feature:

  1. Make a copy of the local configs and the shared config.
  2. Disable Shared Configuration
  3. Install the WebSocket Protocol Feature on your Load Managers
  4. Find the changes between the original and modified local config files
  5. Propagate the changes to the shared config file
  6. Re-enable Shared Config.


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