Deploy an application using path based URL?


The Apprenda Platform allows developers to deploy their applications using a path based or a subdomain URL approach. These settings can be configured using the legacy portal under application settings or in the new portal under the configure tab. Below are the specific instructions.


What you have to do is access the application settings page when configuring your application. I am going to send screenshots for both the legacy and new developer portal.

Legacy Portal

  1. Create the Application

  2. Click on Application Settings on the top right corner.

  1. Select the first URL pattern (apps.rooturl/app)

  1. Click Save changes on the bottom.

  2. Publish the application


New Portal

  1. Create the Application

  2. Click on the Configure tab.

  3. Select path based under the Architecture section.

  1. Click Save and publish.

For additional information, refer to the Apprenda documentation located at: 

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