Error Moving a User Interface for an Application


A customer reported the following error when trying to move a UI from one node to another one:

Error Message 

Error creating private user interface partition for version '316b32db-e812-40b8-9be0-9a4292bc95cc' on target host 'Node2'.

-----------------SurfaceException (Apprenda.ApprendaSystemException)-----------------

An attempt was made to install a user interface associated with version 'developer' (316b32db-e812-40b8-9be0-9a4292bc95cc) to host machine 'Node2' but that machine is already a host for the specified user interface

at Apprenda.SaaSGrid.Presentation.PresentationController.Install(PresentationModel presentationModel, Guid applicationId, UserInterfaceDeploymentManifest manifest, Boolean allowOverallocation, Boolean allowDisabledPolicies)

at Apprenda.SaaSGrid.Presentation.PrivatePresentationModel.Install(UserInterfaceDeploymentManifest manifest, Boolean allowOverallocation, Boolean allowDisabledPolicies)

at Apprenda.SaaSGrid.SMART.LocalDeployment.UserInterfaceScaleManager.Deploy(String targetHost, Int32 instancesToDeploy, Boolean bypassSelectionFiltersAndRules, Nullable`1 requiredCloudId)



In this particular case, the UI already existed on the target server so Apprenda did not allow a duplicate to be deployed. Currently (as of 5.5), Apprenda does not allow more than one instance of a particular UI to be deployed on the same machine.


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