How to: Make the new Apprenda UX the default portal


As of Apprenda version 5.5.1, the "new UX" is the default experience upon login (this may be modified by . If you'd like to make the "legacy" portal the default developer experience, you can do so by following these instructions.

In earlier versions, the "legacy" developer portal is the default experience.  Developers can opt to use the new UX by clicking on a link.  However, if you'd like to make the new UX the default developer experience, here's how:

In the SOC, set the Platform Registry setting called Citadel.Login.ForwardUrlOverride to the URL of the new developer portal UX for your Apprenda environment:



It's that easy! Now, as soon as they login, developers will be directed to the new Apprenda 5 developer portal UX.

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