How to configure (or reconfigure) the SMTP settings for your Apprenda Platform after install?


The Apprenda Platform uses email for different user management workflows such as adding users, forgot password, etc. By default during installation, the platform is configured to use Apprenda's Proxee Email Service (free cloud-based email). You can change the SMTP configuration to use your own servers by following these steps:

1. Locate the Apprenda Platform repository.

2. Open the configuration file for the Authentication service (Apprenda.Authentication.dll.config; this will be SaaSGrid.Citadel.dll.config in older Platform versions) located in {REPO}\Applications\apprenda\authentication\v1\base\services\Citadel.

The next steps will depend on the previously configured email settings.

 Updating your SMTP Information

1. Modify the all instances of following settings with the new information - some of these values have 2 settings:

  • smtp.hostname - Hostname for your SMTP server
  • smtp.hostport - Port used by your SMTP server to send emails (default is 25)
  • smtp.ssl - Set to true if SSL is required to connect to the host
  • smtp.username
  • smtp.password
  • SaaSGridNotifierEmailAddress - Email address where Apprenda emails will be sent from
  • SaaSGridNotifierDisplayName - Name of the account that will send emails
  • DefaultEmailImplementation - Change to SimpleEmail


2. When you are finished updating the settings, save the changes.

After updating the binaries go to the section called "Redeploying the Citadel Service".

Redeploying the Citadel Service

1. Access the Systems Operation Center (SOC) for your environment (http://apps.rooturl/soc).

2. Click on the Applications tab. Type Authentication in the search box.


3. Click on Version 1. You should see at least two components currently deployed for the Authentication Services, a User Interface and a Service.


4. Undeploy the Citadel Service by clicking on the arrow next to the Stop button.

5. Click on the Components tab.


6. Deploy the Citadel service by clicking the Deploy button.

 Once the Citadel Service has been deployed, your new configuration will be in place.


At this point, your platform will be able to send emails using the new password. Please note that you will need to contact the Apprenda Client Services team to encrypt and update the Apprenda Core Database to reflect the changes. These will be used for future platform upgrades or modifications.

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    Scio IT


    I tried to apply this How To, for changing Apprenda's Proxee Email Service (free cloud-based email) to use my SMTP server. But when I'm at the step: "The next step will reconfigure the Apprenda Citadel service to use the new SMTP information. To update the Binaries click on Server Preparation -> Update Repository for Apprenda Services -> Citadel." I got the following error:

    An error occurred while attempting to update component: Citadel

    uri'disk()::(User=${SystemAdministratorUsername}$, Domain=${SystemAdministratorDomain}$, Password=${SystemAdministratorPassword}$)@apprenda\authentication\v1\base\Services\Citadel' is not in a valid format. A string of the format 'driverName(pathSeparator)::(key=value)partition@path' was expected. Please note that the key value list is optional.

    I'm doing this change because when I create a user the email to setup his password is not being sent. I don't know if you are having issues with your email service?.

    Regards and thanks in advance for your help.


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    Erik Lustgarten


    We were having issues with our email service but they should be fixed by now. Please try it again. If you still want to change to your own SMTP server,  let me know and we can debug your problem.


    Erik L

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    Kevin Piette

    I came across this HOW-TO while troubleshooting user-onboarding / password reminders - They don't appear to be generated by the SimpleEmail provider under our recent 3.5 Express install.

    Using the Deployer I was able to confirm that the SimpleEmail provider is selected, that the SMTP server is configured (localhost) and that authentication is disabled.  The local SMTP service doesn't appear to be receiving any traffic from Citidel.  I followed the instructions above to replace 'localhost' with the FQDN of the local host and determined that this didn't resolve the issue.

    While in the SOC I did notice that an exception was being logged with each of the notification resend attempts - I've attached one of these to this message for your review.  We have two separate 3.5 Express installs for development and this condition exists on both.

    Looking at historical info in the SMTP server logs it looks like the notification component was functioning for a period after the 3.5 install but stopped working later that day.