Secure the Operations Center using Windows Authentication

This is for pre-Apprenda 5.0 only
The Apprenda SOC does not require platform-level authentication by design.  We want you to be able to reach it before the rest of the platform is up and running, including the auth systems.  Therefore, security for the SOC is handled outside the platform mechanics.  The standard approach employed by most of our customers is to use Windows Authentication on the specific SOC website in IIS to lock it down.  With this in place, you'll be prompted to login as a user on the server in order to reach the SOC.
Here's how to do it:
  1. Login to the web server that's running the SOC and access the IIS Management Console
  2. Click on the apps.[your root url] website and select the SOC virtual application
  3. Click on the Authentication module
  4. Deactivate Anonymous Authentication
  5. Activate Basic Authentication
Once this is complete, you will only be able to access the SOC by logging in using credentials from the web server (Windows users).  If you need to give access to certain people, you'll need to add them as users on that web server.
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    Daxter Mateo

    Thanks! You might need to install the Basic Authentication feature if you don't see it in the list.


    Server Manager - Roles - right click on Web Server (IIS) - Add role services