Deploy a classic ASP Application?


The Apprenda Platform allows developers to deploy their classic ASP applications just like any standard .NET website. The following blog post will walk a developer through the process of packaging and deploying their classic ASP application.

The first few steps will walk you through setting up an Apprenda Archive manually to package up the required files.

1. Create a folder call root.

2. Place your application's files and folders in the root folder.

3. If your application does not have a web.config simply add a blank one, a sample is provided with this post (currently Apprenda requires that you have a web.config as part of your archive. We have changed the platform so as of 5.0.6 and 5.5 this requirement will go away).

4. Create a folder called interfaces and place the root folder in it.

5. Zip the interfaces folder and name it (you can pick another name if desired).

6. Log in to the Developer Portal of your Apprenda Instance (apps.ROOTURL/developer).

7. Create a new application and deploy your archive.


NOTE: Some Apprenda APIs and functionality are not supported in classic ASP applications. This post is meant for legacy applications that you want to migrate and take advantage of cloud deployments, load balancing and scaling.

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